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runs well on 

all settings to ultra with a resolution of 1280x800

Please increase the rendering distance and change the footsteps sound and pick a music that fits the game

Thank you for the video card info! This was really useful! 

The footsteps volume will be generally decreased in the next version, and about the music I can offer a music volume/mute button. If you turn off the music it will be more like the "The Witness" :)

Holy hell fubenalvo, I was expecting a few updates in the early access version, but this is incredible! More than worth the $2 you're asking for it. The new puzzles are fantastic, the interconnectedness of the whole world is amazing, the brief but easy to understand tutorials and environmental storytelling are outstanding and the new music fits so well. You've really outdone yourself with this one and I look forward to diving into the other half I wasn't able to get to! (For those wondering the EA version is well over two hours long even if you already know what's going on)

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So far so good! I love the calm relaxing music and the beautiful design. I only played a few levels so far but I will play the rest soon. However I did encounter a glitch. The doors controlled by the open world puzzles were open allready and I didn't need to unlock them. Other then that really enjoying it so far.

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Huge fan of games that require some brainpower (like Valve/Steam's Portal games for one example), so I'm really loving the look of this game thus far.  Massive potential here, for sure...  Very much looking forward to seeing where you go with it from here.  Keep up the great work.  :)

(Apologies for the multiple-posts.  I've deleted the duplicates.  Wasn't updating the display when I tried to post.)

Thank you, I'll try to make a really good and polished game now. Soo if you have ideas or found a bug, thats more then welcomed.
Aaand after finishing the game (download the latest version for it v0.84) please tell me what you think about: is the game need more level?

Wow, I really was impressed. Love this game. Felt very much like the Witness and I kept wanting to move forward to explore this island. I'll be watching development and I am super excited for a complete game. So rad. 


Pardon my french but Damn! I loved this game, and like Mikey said making a puzzle game in first person must have been hard! I played only the first two levels but it was such a great experience! 

Have you considered participating in our Game developers World Championship ?  The competition is totally free and with winning prizes ! Our mission is to support and reward the Indie game developer community.

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Thank you for the kind words, and I'll check GDWC ASAP :)

Am, just a question. I'm making game as a hobby in my freetime, but I put in Steam them for $1 at the end. This makes me Pro? I don't feeling myself as pro :D or is it fit in slightly into the HOBBY category?

As soon as you make you game payable it puts you into the pro category but winning in this category is way more rewarding ! 

Okay, I've just add FluxCaves. I hope you'll like it guys :)

First person puzzle games must be so hard to put together, so I immediately salute you for that effort alone!

This game is awesome. The visuals are gorgeous, the relaxing music helps to keep a lid on my raw emotions when I'm failing miserably, the puzzles are all doable but still challenging enough to cause some head scratching moments and the little hints of a plot underpinning the whole thing is a nice extra surprise.

I really do adore what there is of this game so far, it's got bucket loads of potential and I'll be around to see you get there! My only suggestion would be to maybe include a few extra options with regards to graphics quality because my poor potato PC stumbled a few times during my playthrough haha!

Keep up the awesome work, I'm gonna get back to trying to beat the last few levels I haven't wrapped my brain around yet =)

Hey this looks so good! Design o f the puzzles and areas looks great and nice chill piano music helps to make me not rage when I get stuck haha. Maybe don't need so many balls to get to the end before the door opens, but thats just me lol. Keep up the awesome work!

FluxCaves Pt. 2 | They're Getting More Difficult! 
"I finally got stuck on a level. It was bound to happen at some point."

While I had some minor frame issues, Flux Caves is a pretty neat puzzle game. All the fun of pipe puzzles, with all the visual appeal of a first person marble game. And somehow wrapped up in a relaxing bow with the pleasant scenery and music. There's some potential in this and I hope the final product goes well.

Good job, dev.

Thank you for the great video Mr Skysen, I'm glad you enjoyed the game! Before you continue your adventure you should download the actual version 0.6 or wait for v0.7. These contains a lots of bugfix which was related with ice movement. And yeah, some new leveles too

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The game runs well. it's my laptop ASUS ROG GL503GE with its 8 GB of RAM. no lag. 60 or above fps average. Though it's GTX 1050 Ti cheapskate intel!!! whahat? how it could run well?! it's not that RTX you know!

 just, slow loading for 1st time only, because it's not SSD. built in SSHD 1TB.

anyway, wow! Amazing Duper Awesome!!!

Hey, this sounds really good. I worked a lot to optimize it  :D which graphics quality setting you used?

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sorry forgot to say. I am really surprised.


Ultra. Highest option available.


Wasn't that shocking?

Hehehh, yeah it is 
At the and maybe I'll by GTX 1050 Ti  too, who needs 1070 then?? :D

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don't get too sure then! Perhaps not work well all the time though.

wait what cpu does the pavilion 500 desktop have???

From the looks, this reminds me of Infinifactory, if it turns out half as well I'll be happy. :)

Did not heard about that game, but I'll check it out. Thank you for the tip, and I'll try my best to grow up for the expectations! :)

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I didn't play all levels ATM but here's what I have to say about the game. Sorry in advance if I make a suggestion about things that are in the part I didn't play :-) But first, nice addictive gameplay! Reminds me about Pipe Dream and Sokoban!

There could some block rotating device in harder levels.

I had some issue for pushing blocks beside each other. If we are supposed to be able to do so, maybe considering activating the push from a little further away from the blocks.

I think the player could jump the height of 1 cube. Like that, you could remove most of the stairs in the game field :-)

Maybe the ball gathering lights could be more visible. Like a screen beside the exit door, or even directly on it.

Yeah you are right, the basic mechanisms comes form Sokoban and the pipe games. I dont know why I skipped them as refference from the game description. Now I fixed it :)

The block rotating device is a good idea, I'll figure out something today. 

For pushing block besied each other, I made a reset mechanism for all puzzles. But also want to make an Undo Last step feature, but that have some problematic technical part, what I have to figure out before implementing. :)

And thank you for the comments Blitz! As soon the game have rotating platform, I'll inform you :D


Great concept fubenalvo!! Definitely unique and i'm looking forward to how far this game can potentially go if you add a level editor. I do hope that you consider creating a storybased game soon though...? Again, like the last comment, I found that the elevator made the pipe block 'hover' a little bit and had to reset the level. But that aside, the graphics and sound effects are amazing for a free indie game. You're very good at creating a 3D enviroment! Here's my play through (I think OBS struggled at some parts).


thank you! finally I found today what's the problem with the elevator.  This wasnt an easy one to figure out :D
The elevator lifts up the yellow when the block is on the edge, and the elevator come up after that. So nooow I can fix it.  this is the real beauty of game development :D

The second open-world puzzle doesn't work for me. One of the block seems to be floating a bit above the ground. (Probably caused by the elevator)

Also when I move a block on the elevator, while the elevator is moving upwards, the block disappears in the ground.


Which block making this, the orange crystal block or the pipe one? 
I'll check this, thank you for the feedback! ;)

I saw that you've fixed it in the comment above, but it's the pipe that goes pretty much in the middle of the whole construct. The one you need to transport with the elevator. 

Super cool game you need to publish it in steam

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The long term plan is ofc the Steam release, but before that I have to do a lot. I mean more level, hidden collectibles, story, but I have tons of ideas, which I hope will fit in the game too :)

Proboably the game will be on Steam in this year. I can't even say a more precise date yet, because I don't know when it's gonna be finished.

Aaand ofc I'm glad you liked it! Thank you! ;)

Had some issues with one puzzle but overall it's been a good experience. :)


Thank you for the video! I'll check the level05 for this problem. Probably there was an error when you hit the reset button, and after that everything crashed in the background. :P

(x-post from GJ)

Damn dude, wasn't expecting this after Neon.Code, but it's awesome so far! The puzzles have a good amount of complexity to them and do a great job of explaining themselves. The visual style is really cool as well, love the puzzles in-world kind of situation and it reminds me a bit of The Witness and Talos Principle. Looking forward to the later versions!


Thank you for posting it here too! And ofc as one of my favorite video makers, I'll search you when Flux is near to completr,  to create a new video maybe!? :)


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