Full (Beta) version is available from today!


  • New race mode completed and playable: elimination
  • Some options implemented in the ingame menu (Sensitivity, Invert, Volume, etc...)
  • New controls visual in the options menu 
  • Camera behavior change with 'C' button. You can make it more follow more strict as before
  • Extra page for the tutorial
  • New tutorial layers on the top of the screen
  • Fixed: refresh visible values when entering to graphics options
  • Fixed: FPS limiter default value was bugged
  • Discord join link in the main menu
  • Fixed: Time trial starts as time trial again
  • Homing missile warning arch have higher emission/bloom intensity now

ABOUT THE GAME Neon Wings: Air Race is an adrenaline-filled fast-paced air racing game packed with a cart-game like skill system, spectacular effects and graphics, innovative gameplay mechanics, and good old fun!

IF YOU WANT TO MAKE A GAMEPLAY VIDEO You can get the full BETA version on our discord channel. Private message: Fubenalvo


Windows - Full version (beta) 1 GB
3 days ago
Windows - Demo version (beta) 867 MB
3 days ago

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Hey there.

I like the UI and the Audio, and the game seems cool.

Unfortunately i could not control direction of the ship. Either with Xbox controller or keyboard, i was only able to boost or brake,  except in walk mode.  Did i miss something ?

Otherwise, the game feels interesting, I'l look forward to be able to play it !

ps : Playing as Macron is a nice feature


There was a bug, which caused sensitivity under 100% disabled the controls. It's fixed in the 0.811 version. I'll try to update it here too today!