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As usual, you kidnapped the princess, but this time after arriving to the cave, she became more annoying than ever. You need to fulfil her wishes while trying to clear the entrance, so that Mario can take her away as soon as possible.

How to play:

  • The princess needs are need to be served, otherwise you lose a life.
  • Clear the rocks from the entrance, to let Mario in.
  • To get rid of the princess, Iet mario enter the cave.
  • If the elevator breaks down, use the repair switch on the top level.
  • To repair something, press the action (F) button repeatedly!

Special thanks to:

  • Nintendo
  • Google
  • Youtube
  • Unity
  • And thanks for not suing us! :)

Created by:

  • Beatrix Qyseth Moroz
  • Janos Adam
  • Laszlo Molnar
  • Zsolt Varady