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I enjoyed it, yet for some reason, sometimes, when I try and load up, it either A. Freezes at 99% or B. Goes to "Just a Few Seconds More" and then eventually stops responding. Though, as a fellow one man dev, I can understand the struggles

Great game! I couldn't finish it after encountering what seemed to be a bug (or maybe just very bad luck) though I'm guessing I was near the end? Had a really fun time playing it either way. Pacing was a tad slow though I think the world you built made up for it since it was pretty to explore and helped pass the time between locations. Can't give you enough credit for the work that you managed to do here. Good luck with any other games you make down the road!

OMG, never see this big crash before :D  I hope you finished it from the last checkpoint :)

Ooh, I didn't know I could! I'll try that!

When i launch the game, the start button on the window is below the screen. I can't start the game...

What is the resolution you use?

Not the original poster, but I have this issue on a 1366x768 screen.

No its not that. When I click the version I want to download, the download doesn't start


Try to use Microsoft Edge or the App to download it.

write an email for the and I'll send you a direct link for the mac version

Somehow I can't download it. :(

ok where you stuck? Click on download > donate if you want > choose version to download > aaaand its done :)


Are you planning to develop it further?

I think the story is now complete. Soo I'll just make bugfixes for this game in the future.
But I'm open for a second episode if I can make a team around me. Alone that would be too big project. We'll see :)

I'm from a small indie publisher- so I'd love to talk about bringing a second episode to life :D My email is willgoad(at)binternet(dot)com

Okay, I'll search you as soon as creating second episode is in range! ;)

Great! How's it going?

Actually I made a different kinda game in the last months. It's called Flux Caves
The neoncode spinoff's draft script is already written. It will be probably a more action based game, but we'll see. I'm not rushing it now, but it's not forgotten. :)

is there a 32 bit version? asking before i download cause most games don't have anymore 32 bit versions


its an universal version as i know. If it wont work, i'll create a 32bit version for you :)

yeah it didn't work

have you released a 32 bit yet?


Mind if I ask why you have a 32 bit computer still? Just curious. :)

on thw road and i dont feel like lugging a big gaming desktop with me everywhere and setting it up


Great game I realy enjoyed it. Amazing job for a single dev. I realy wish there was some voice acting but thats no were near a deal breaker for this game. I also wish the the objective marker was clearer and to have a map. However I still had fun playing this game and I mean these in no way as negitive comments. Great job and fantastic work :D!!

thank you ;)

My pleasure.

Wow, that made for a pretty solid detective story. I wish more AAA games I played had this much atmosphere and focus. Thanks for making it!

thank you sir :)


Cool game

(1 edit) (+1)

Love the visuals. I just finished the Cinema checkpoint. This is an incredible achievement for a single developer.  Congrats.

thank you :)


Game looks amazing can't wait till u make the macOS version


It's done. You can download it now! :)


I meant gta


also is this game a bit like eta


Please hurry up with the Mac OS version as I can't wait anymore! :)

can you put a options to brightness


I look after it in the next build


Thank you for taking the time to have a Linux version. It's nice not needing to have to jump through hoops with WINE just to get this awesome game working on my machine. Honestly, we need more developers like you. Thanks again for your work ( :


pleasure is mine :)



Thank you :)

Detective Zake on the job! it took my awhile but i finished the game in one setting so if anyone is curious about the ending or just wanna watch the game in full! look no further ! 

Did somebody call for a clueless detective?( ̄▽+ ̄*)

---Thoughts and Impressions---

After around 30 minutes of playtime I had a fun time! I did run into one possible glitch during the video above. Otherwise I did enjoy the retro cyberpunk vibes and feel plus playing detective is always fun for me. Overall I did enjoy my time with the game but for constructive feedback purposes I have a couple things to mention. 

If any of the above sounds like something you would be into, it's free so do give it a try(⌯⌅⌄⌅)

Some decent voice acting down the road might be nice, but at the least I personally ran into the dialogue text going a bit fast for me to read aloud. Thankfully the log of events etc did help with what I missed. I noticed some dialogue or events would repeat if you reinitiated. Might be nice to atleast add follow up dialogue to those situations. In general it would be good to get some more polish. Maybe a little more feedback or reaction/repercussions for opening fire at random bystanders :p

--Overall -Recommend- Fun times without taking things too seriously! 

Thank you for the video and the suggestions. 
I'm collecting the feedbacks and probably the 0.90 version will contain most of them.  So this was really helpful! ;)

Pretty good adventure game, and I love cyberpunk

Thank you :)

Annoyed because I can't play it as I'm on macOS


Same here. It's on Linux, but not mac? TRIGGERED

The mac version is still under development. It have some evil glitches. As soon as I Fixed it, it'll come :)


The real question is... Why are you gaming on a Mac? XD


Plz stay on joke level! This isnt the wich platform is better comment section. :)

I'm working on the MAC version,  because there are a lot player on that platform too.
You'd be surprised  too how much Linux  player downloaded the game already. ;)


Surprise me, can you show me the stats?

its about 7-8 percent of the players. Much more than I expected  And I think is bigger market then Linux. 

Anyway... we'll see that :)

Sorry, I was joking, I could have easily ask, "Why am I gaming on Linux? xD"


The REAL QUESTION IS why shouldn't u game on a Mac

Now you can download the macOS version! ;)


Who can find my coffee mug's virtual version in the game? :D




A RETROWAVE MYSTERY | NeonCode Full Gameplay Walkthrough First Look

It's an interesting adventure game pretty great if this is your first project. Something that bugs me though is the aventador isn't futuristic I know it's a small thing to complain about! XD

Not the first, but first alone in spare time. I had much bigger plans, but there is a point when you have to say stop for the ideas. If you dont do that, then you never finish the game. 
This project was too big for me alone, i know that. After every build I say: never again. I'll make smaller games or work in team, or both. But open world 1 hour with storyline -> Not again. I want life :D

Hi, I have tried the game on GNU/Linux but it throws an error when loading gets about 50%-54%.

I think it is about low memory (the machine where I tried has "only" 3 GB of RAM).

Just to your knowledge in case you want to put hard minimum requirements. :)


Yep, the minimum req is about CPU i5, RAM 8Gb and a VGA with 2Gb RAM. It may run under this, but I cannot garantee that

Episode 2! After the one hangup this was still along sprint to the finish with new stuff around every corner! Still floored that this was the work of a single dev. Seriously fantastic stuff. There were some small issues here and there, but nothing that cant be reasonably overlooked.

First two second of the trailerare enough, I'm clicking download immediately :)

When you finished the game, tell me how you liked it! ;)

Are you from Hungary? Because I have found ,,magyar" language in the menu (csak mert én is magyar vagyok!)

Its a great game! Sometimes I notice the free Unity palm trees, stacked up but the atmosphere is amaizing. I dont want to say big, but its like Cyberpunk 2077.

Yep, I'm working, living and born in Budapest :)  

Amm the free assets here, becouse at the beginning it was a kind of challenge for me to use onyl free suffz from the store and the internet.  The point was to make something good loking from these. Only at the end stage of the development I bought some building and virtual trash to make it look better. 

This is the reason too, why Unity Ethan is the bar owner :D

Yeah, its hard to find free assets. Or you can make them in Blender, but its difficult.

Otherwise, you did a nicejob! Fantasztikus játékot alkottál!

This is part 2 of my play thru of the incredible NEONCODE, again I can't emphasise how good a game this is. I hope you don't mind me posting it, if so let me know and I'l delete! Thanks again Fubenalvo! 

Ofc I dont mind. Thank you for the 2nd episode. I'll watch it asap :)


WHAT A GAME! Fantastic cyberpunk thriller that hooks you from the very first moment, its one of the most complete games I have been lucky enough to play on Itch, I loved it, thanks for making it available for us to play. I did a play thru of it, i hope you don't mind!

Thank you very much! I'm rly happy how you like it! ;) aand thank you for the video!

The pleasure is mine,  it really is very special.

Nah v0.88 is out. I made some fixes after I watchet CoalFire's video.  The list would be spoiler... soo I won't tell the details! :,D


This is just flat out impressive. While there are some issues here and there like animations and such, most of it is pretty minor. The world is massive and detailed, the story is compelling, if not a little too heavy on the fetch quests, and it just kind of had me in awe the whole time. Seriously fantastic work so far and I can't wait to see the rest. I just can't figure out any of the PIN code stuff...

Okaaay. You skipped one tablet at harry mills's apartment. Look around there for PIN code. ;)

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