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Hey NeonCode players! Check out my new 3d puzzle game which have a public alpha demo now! :)

Why is this version Around 1gb but the steam one is 5gb.

There was tons of bugfix, material and texture changes. Also the Unity Engine was updated under the game.
I noticed the size change, but never went after it, the game is kinda the same. So there is only a small sidequest is extra in the Steam version which is new content.

So i can play the version only ?

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Yeah sure, almost the same in content. May you will find more bugs, but nothing gamebreaker  :)


dude i cant find the stupid fuel for the dumb car you need to have more direction than just a little arrow at the top i mean its a good game so far just tell me where the fuel is and add better direction please

Hehehh, yeah this is the challenge in this kind of game to figure it out. :) Am  here is the solution:

oh i didnt know it was a puzzle game interesting thx for the help

i have a AMD radeon R4 9225 i believe can i run it, i also upgraded ram to 16gb

i have 4 gb ram can i run it

If it starts, your FPS will be very low. And I'm not sure, it starts.

I did a short video review of my experience in Neon Code. I really enjoyed it and I am looking very much forward to seeing what future projects you make. 

very useful

This game is so rad. Thoroughly enjoyed my playthrough. Would recommend to anyone.

Just found your game and am thoroughly enjoying it so far! I hope it goes well because it has all the elements of a great game! I'm keen to finish it and find out what happens next in this beautifully crafted world!

Here is the second part to this awesome game! Glad to see it has been recognised as a contender of best Indie Game 2018! Keep up the great work fubenalvo!!

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This has so much potential.. please keep polish it.. its really awesome!!! I have a lot of respect for indigamedevelopers like you. I am just a noob lol :D hugs from Spain :) PD: By the way, I am also a huge fan of Mass Effect ;) I like your eastereggs hahaha

I'm not much into games, but this game captured my eye. And when I saw that you are giving away free steam keys, well....I just want to say "THANK YOU"!!!

My dear supporters! The game is released on steam with v1.0.

Anyone who want a free key for that version all you need is just ask here! For the start here is some key as a starting present. If you have time, please write a review on the steam page! thank you again :)




Thank you very much for doing this! I'll try the game some time in the future and will definitely review on Steam! All the best to you!

aww, missed it :D

damn, wish I could play this, my pc slows to a crawl on the opening loading screen.


You're an actual god omg this is so good

It is really annoyed that I could't download this masterpiece. It always said download error

Hy, dont know whats the problem but write me an email and I'll send a direct link to you to download! ;)


dude. ....  We need more people like you in this world ☺️ 👍   

hehe, thanks :D

Truly outstanding work, I played it in one sitting! Beautiful atmosphere, and the variety of gameplay was great. Will be picking this up on Steam to show my support once it launches, keep it up! Inspirational!

Thank you very much! ;)

keep the work coming!!


Thank you


Very nice game, rare to see such a quality game on


Than you :)

It's pretty cool.



i just uploaded my gameplay of this, pretty cool! :D

Thank you for the video! :)

This game is amazingly well put together for a hobbyist! I take my hat off to you (not a fedora, though, we just can't seem to shift those things) for a job well done!

The story is pretty solid, it looks very polished (although there is a lot of character model reuse, but that's totally forgivable in a solo project in my eyes!) and my eyes nearly popped out of my head when I realised there was a driving aspect to the game! 

Outstanding stuff, I had a blast playing it and I'll be keeping an eye on updates / sequels / new games from you for sure! Keep up the amazing work =)


Thank you :)


Thanks :)

for anybody needing a little help!
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great game man, the music and effects really made the game immersive.


Loved the game dude! So much detail and design in the visuals and a great soundtrack to go with it. Controls are  a bit clunky at times, when it comes to the driving, but overall had a blast with this! Looking forward to seeing more! Keep up the awesome work!

Thank you very much! I already have the plans for a splinoff, maybe I can start working on it next year! ;)

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I tried to download the version for windows and the Download does not work !!!

Its downloading from Dropbox. Is that working for you?

Very nice! Thanks for the adventure!

thanks for playing ;)

Thank you for the Linux support !

I hope your liked the game ;)


[BEFORE/AFTER] Ethan's bar development: first version made at  2017 december

Wow, that's a huge  difference. Would love to see other comparisons if you have more screenshots.

Hey dude, I really liked your game! I can tell you put a lot of hard work into it, so thank you for the experience!

Thank you! :)


Great game and timing, this video is a ~parody!

Omg. This was funny and unique :D Thank you :)

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Wonderful rainy neon world with nice music, thanks. But weird mix people and styles, e.g salsa dancing girls and rock guitarist, or cops in classic uniform and robot cops. Shooting drones is funny, taken by train or jump from Grand hotel balcony is scary :D I hope that will come minimap (maybe in tablet), voices (just mumbling) maybe better hints (or actual task instructions)... and support gamepad control. The most bugs is funny, some is frustrating but luckily a load last checkpoint will solved its.

PS: Driving my car after ending is very schizophrenic.

Why is the game loaded already at 30% progress? I ran it on i5 3570k, 8GB RAM, GeForce GTX 970, Win10

Voice acting was in the plans before, but I dont have the financial background for a good one. Probably that part wont missing in my next game, but thats a far future (more than 1 year) couse now I'm already in a new game project with 3 fellow devs.

Am, the compass arrow is not perfect I know now. That would be much better with 360deg  rounding around the display's edge. But the whole idea was to make a really clear almost non-gui game. without any text or gui element on the screen.

And Yeah, the loading bar is faked, because the Unity's loading prediction is catastrophic. So I calced an avarge loading time on the test machines and that is the 100% now. I hope Unity  will fix this in the future.

Thank you for playing NeonCode :)

Love this game

Thank you :)

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