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This game was excellent, i love the combination of cyberpunk and noir. I hope there will be more games like these in the future. The driving is a little hard but i expected that. It also doesn't help that my pc is an older office one. All in all though the game was really well made

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Actually I'm working on a new FPS with the team of The Wild Gentlemen (who made the Chicken Police). The Demo will be public and the project will be funded! :) Follow me on twitter, there I'm posting sometimes about games I'm making 

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Also you can try out one  small  game we made with two of my friends within a few weeks. It's FREE and called "NeonCode 2 techdemo: Blue Tiger" 

You can download it for free from here:


Will there be a full release of this one as a complete sequel for the first Neon Code? 

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One year ago that was the plan. But since then I'm working 10 hours a day and soon I will have a daughter. Soo the in this case, the bottleneck is very simple: time. I want to do it, I want to finish it, but with a team and in better quality. Who knows... If the studio I work with will be successful, maybe I can ask an own project!? You never know :)

Since then here is some content about the game we are working on nowdays:


In that case I will be hoping and looking forward to that this game get's to see the light of day. Also congrats on the addition to the family :)


My Mac refused to launch the game. OS is Catalina. Please fix.

Great game with an amazing cyber feel!


thank you :)

hey, im not seeing a  unityplayer.dll file in the extracted 7z file. am i missing something?

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Amazing Game. I enjoyed every minute. Congrats.


The game looks awesome from the screenshots. too bad my pc can't even get past the loading screen. I wish you good luck on your development on NeonCode 2


Thank GOODNESS you guys made it free, its a ONE OF A KIND GAME its so good!!


Can we have a sequel please!!!!! This game is one of my favourites!


We will make it. In the next few days we come out from Early Access stage with our new game "Neon Wings: Air Race". After that we need little break, but after that the next project is the NeonCode 2. You can find a small techdemo on my profile called "Blue Tiger" thats the prorotype for NeonCode 2

OOO thankssss!!!!


*looks at username*

How have I not heard about this until now. Will edit comment after playing, but this is something I now need to play.

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The Game is amazing but i really hope the floors werent that wet and im hoping for a Gta style open wolrd experience where you can like kill npc's or run them overor a police system but i really hope the sequel is just as good or better than this game and i did enjoy it


can you make that is compatible for medium spec PCs too?


Sadly this game won't change in the future. It was just an experiment 3 years ago for me to find out can I create something alone or not. Probably we will create a sequel after we finished Neon Wings: Air Race.


I have a Ryzen 5 3600 6-core x12 processor, 32G of DDR4, an SSD and an NV GTX1050...It's not the most awesome but this game has serious overhead, can't really play it.


I cant played thist game, until now. I have enought good computer only right now. But i know about ner: it realy werry good game. Now i can tell, this too much great game. In the world can play more stories, plese use him.

thank you!
We have big plans with NeonCode 2, but before that we want to finish the racing game we are working on now. It's callad Neon Wings: Air Race

yop, it is great, i finded it right now. Thanks a lot. :-)

İ 3 işlemci ve 3gb ram ile çalışırmı acaba

Nice game! I like it a lot! I want more of this!


Thank you, I'm glad you like it! ;)


I WANT A SEQUEL. Don't you dare make another game that doesn't have the words "Neon Code" in 'em. Dude, you got a million dollar game right here. Make the sequel and I'll post about this game EVERYWHERE i can. 

plz dude.


No promises, but check this out :)

comande si

this is probably the most beautiful and atmospheric indie game I've ever seen! you were so good at creating a city that I plunged into its study with his head. The game is very good! Thank you a million times for such a project!

Thank you very much :)


omg i love that game

thanks :)

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If you dont have a dollar for the game, I'll send you a free key < - THIS IS HOW THINGS SHOULD BE! (this is good humaning! ill buy again on steam because of this! thank you!) 


can i get one , i really want to play it

Ofc. Just write an email to and i'll send the key asap ;)

Hi and thanks for making this great game! Got as far as when he goes to visit the friend of the victim, but can't play further. I've tried twice and it seizes up in that room; first there are some thin jagged textures appear, then the game and pc seize up, needing a reboot. Fingers crossed incase there are any updates planned (I don't use steam). Thanks again.

please fix i was on the loading screen and the game broke i rebooted it and it kept shutting down

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I have played only introduction part so far, but I really like the atmosphere. It's even more impressive when you realize that it's a one-man hobby project.

I have just one question on the developer. fubenalvo your game is in the list of games with code licensed under GPL v3.0   Is that really so and it's possible to find the source code somewhere or is it in this list by mistake?


Probably a mistake, but the game assets mostly free around the internet. I can search the exact download links if you want. 

Also if you are intrested in any of the codes I wrote for this game I can send it to you. Which part you want to check?

Absolutely gorgeous.

thank you :)


Discovered this game after playing one of your other games, and find this one quite enjoyable too.  You've got some talent there.  I'll probably be buying it just because you deserve the support.  Also, thanks much for the Linux versions of your games.  It's much appreciated by those of us who no longer use Windows.  :)

Nice comment, I like it.

Thank you! I'll try my best in the future too :)

I dont know why, but whenever I try to play the game it skips so bad starting at the intro. I cant even move around  without it skipping and it makes the game unplayable for me. Ive tried playing on the lowest setting and it helps with the skipping a little but its still bad. I've tried to play multiple times through out a few months and I still get the same skipping. The game seems really interesting but it sucks when I cant even play it. 

Can you make a video from this bug? You can use the software OBS  for that its freeware

If I actually see whats happening probably can fix it :)


I actually rather enjoy this game so far! I do think the city's neat and I do like detective stories. I did also get to push a cop out of the rain! I did make a video of my playthrough, too! Check it out below, if you want! Keep being awesome, Fubenalvo!

Hey NeonCode players! Check out my new 3d puzzle game which have a public alpha demo now! :)

Why is this version Around 1gb but the steam one is 5gb.

There was tons of bugfix, material and texture changes. Also the Unity Engine was updated under the game.
I noticed the size change, but never went after it, the game is kinda the same. So there is only a small sidequest is extra in the Steam version which is new content.

So i can play the version only ?

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Yeah sure, almost the same in content. May you will find more bugs, but nothing gamebreaker  :)


dude i cant find the stupid fuel for the dumb car you need to have more direction than just a little arrow at the top i mean its a good game so far just tell me where the fuel is and add better direction please

Hehehh, yeah this is the challenge in this kind of game to figure it out. :) Am  here is the solution:

oh i didnt know it was a puzzle game interesting thx for the help

i have a AMD radeon R4 9225 i believe can i run it, i also upgraded ram to 16gb

i have 4 gb ram can i run it

If it starts, your FPS will be very low. And I'm not sure, it starts.

I did a short video review of my experience in Neon Code. I really enjoyed it and I am looking very much forward to seeing what future projects you make. 

This game is so rad. Thoroughly enjoyed my playthrough. Would recommend to anyone.

Just found your game and am thoroughly enjoying it so far! I hope it goes well because it has all the elements of a great game! I'm keen to finish it and find out what happens next in this beautifully crafted world!

Here is the second part to this awesome game! Glad to see it has been recognised as a contender of best Indie Game 2018! Keep up the great work fubenalvo!!

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