Flux Caves is FREE to download until New Year's Eve!

Soo this action is a thank you for the community! You can download Flux Caves for FREE if you want in the next 2 months. Ofc if you want, you can donate through the "name your price" download.

Beside this, the Steam version's price changed from $3.99 to $0.99
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I got it during this time period, but it registers that I only have the demo.

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I just got this game for free, but I don't see it listed in my account's things I own library (https://itch.io/my-collections)?  


I don't really know how it works here on itch. Probably the staff can help you in this question :)

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I hope they will read these comments to answer. Also, thank you for the free game! :)


your welcome, and thank you for playing it ;)

I haven't downloaded and played it yet! ;)