Improved Graphics and better Performance! Flux Caves v0.94 is available

This is the biggest Flux Caves update this year. I updated the whole Unity Engine behind the puzzle game, so from now we have better performance and better support for Linux and Mac. Also I updated the volumetric lights asset from 1.0 to 2.0, so every scene got a new light system. It's now really spectacular I think :)

This version is the last beta version. From now, there won't be new features or changed mechanics. I'll only fix bugs, and hopefully Flux Caves can go to Steam around and of May. 

Importnat: As I promised, everyone who Bought the Full version here, or Donated will get a free steam key afte the release!

What's changed in Flux Caves v0.94:

  • Input lag fix (you'll stop instantly if you don't want to move)
  • Brand new volumeric lights with better performance.  So there will be volumetric lights in the "Very Low" graphics settings too!
  • Fixed Missing water SFX on some level
  • Rendering/Lighting errors on some Linux and on Mac specification
  • Better performance due updated engine (from 2018 Aug to 2019 Jan)
  • Reworked waterfall visuals
  • Fix for the elevators, from now you cannot push blocks into the air
  • Add reset button for level 7 and 8
  • Sound for moving Platform elevator
  • Some fix for sometimes you can push blocks into each other.  (Still not perfect)


v0.94 Windows - Full version 432 MB
Apr 29, 2019
v0.94 Windows - Demo version 340 MB
Apr 29, 2019
v0.94 Linux - Full version 472 MB
Apr 29, 2019
v0.94 Linux - Demo version 380 MB
Apr 29, 2019
v0.94 Macintosh - Full version 465 MB
Apr 29, 2019

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