NeonCode: Moon Project - sketching the starting location

Soo I've just started to sketch up the first location of the NeonCode spinoff. I'm still not sure, how the game will be finished ever or what, but now I had some time and idea which you can see in this small WIP video.

Also you can see there are some retro style (Doom like) weapons, these are just sketches too. it will be much more sophisticated but to test some action element, its good enough. 'couse yeah there will be real action in the next NeonCode beside the old mechanics.

The game will have about 4-5 bigger locations as smaller cities/bases on the moon. In the video you can see the starting base, which will be a mining base or kinda. I know, I know it's not that cyberpunkish yet, but dont worry this is just the beginning ;)

Are you intrested in more work in progress videos like this?

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Keep up the good work!

thank you :)

hm hm hm idk about that performance in the outside areas :D looks cool though!

Yeah, I'm always had problem with the system req. Now I found  a solution: no outside environment :D :D